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Collier and Miller Engineerings' single tyne trailing deep ripper is ideal for increasing available cropping land around tree-lines.

The trailing design of this ripper allows the bustingup of tree roots and soil compaction up to and around trees, roads and others area'son the farm. This provides a solution where it is difficult to acheive moisture penetration or where tree roots compete with crop moisture.

The compact design with a width of only 2365mm allows close ripping up to around 800mm deep. Weighing in at 3500KG the ripper has plenty of mass to ensure the single tyne feeds deeply into the ground.Features of our single tyne deep ripper include;

  • Up to 800mm ripping depth
  • Exceptional engineering design for better reliability and increased service life.
  • Heavy Duty frame & wheels
  • hydraulic depth control
  • dual-plane drawbar connection
  • Large floatation tyres
  • Bisalloy grade 400 tyne.
  • High ground clearance

  • Contact Collier and Miller Engineering today for a custom quotation of your deep ripping requirements.

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